Basic Concept Of Router IP Address – D-Link Router Login


The Twenty-first century is an era of network and technology. Communication is an imperative function of our day to day lives and most of our communication is employed through dedicated networking devices. These dedicated devices communicate over a network using unique identification which are known IP addresses. The IP address is a unique identification number that represents the individuality and location of a dedicated device in a network. Even the websites and routers have an IP address. D-Link Router Login is a default gateway of many wireless routers, this is basically a default IP address for your router and is provided by the manufacturer. So you can copy this IP address into the URL of your web browser and you will be able to configure your router properties. But to do that you need a username and a password and most probably you would have it if you would have changed it in the first place and if you haven’t then you can check the default username and password that is provided by the manufacturer of the product.

What is the need for

The router IP address provides with following features:

  1. Enables to configure the router.
  2. Provides with router information such as model no, serial number, firmware version etc.
  3. The most prominent feature is that it enables to change the Wi-Fi password of the router for the connectivity with the router.
  4. It enables to configure the security of the router. So you can select from various security technologies such as WPA, WPA 2etc.

How can you find the IP address of your router?

You first need to know the IP address of the router to configure it and there are various ways to reveal the IP address of the router connected to different operating systems. For windows the following steps are:


  1. Windows is the basic operating system for many PC desktops around the world. So if you are using Windows on your desktop and it is connected to the router then the IP address of the router is obtained using a command prompt.
  2. Click on start and search command prompt.
  3. Then click on the command prompt to open it.
  4. Then type ipconfig and press Enter.
  5. Then it will provide various options such as LAN Area Connection, Ethernet adapter and Wireless LAN adapter.
  6. Search for Wireless LAN Adapter and below it an option named “Defaultgateway “would be provided. In the front of the Default gateway, the IP address of your router is given.
  7. Enter the given IP address in the web browser and then you can configure your router any way you desire.

To conclude, the IP address of the router is very crucial to configure it. So you should definitely know the IP address, username and password of the router if you want to configure your router.