How to Recover or Reset forgotten iCloud Password?


Forgetting Passwords is the most common issue that people usually confront when logging onto some account. If forgot your iCloud password then You don’t allow iCloud Login to access your photos, videos, documents, notes, contacts, and more. People need to pick the difficult and complex password at the time of setting them for some account. But, you need to make sure that you have remembered the password you have set it before. There are numerous ways to reset passwords for your iCloud account.

One is by answering secret questions and the other is two-step verification method. In such a case, you forget your toughest password and struggle in memorizing it. The same thing when it happens with your iCloud account, there is a simple method to recover or reset your password using your Apple ID password. You might make some simple mistakes at the time of entering the password. Some of them include turning on the Caps Lock. You need to ensure that you have entered the proper email address and password for the Apple ID that you have used with the iCloud address.

How to Recover a Forgotten iCloud Password?

Here are the simple steps that help the users to recover a forgotten iCloud password with much ease:

Method 1: Use Recovery Mail to Reset Password

  • First of all, you need to open Safari browser on your device and navigate to the official web portal of Apple i.e., appleid.apple.com.
  • After opening the website, just tap on the option that says ‘Forgot ID or password.’
  • You need to enter the Apple ID and hit ‘Next’ button.
  • There are couple of methods that lets the users to confirm their identity to Apple. You can either make use of email authentication or you need to answer some security questions.
  • If you choose Email Authentication, it is pretty much simple to recover or reset your iCloud password.
  • Just click on ‘Next’ button. Apple sends an email to the backup account and you need to click on ‘Reset Now’ link present in your email.
  • Simple follow the on-screen instructions in order to reset your password

Method 2: Answer Security Questions

  • Another method to reset the password is to pick the option ‘Answer Security Questions’.
  • Click on ‘Next’ button. You need to enter your date of birth including the date, day, month and year.
  • Also, you need to answer few of the security questions and tap on Next button.
  • You can now enter your new password and confirm your password. Just click on Reset password option.
  • You have now successfully reset your iCloud password on your MAC OS running device.

Method 3: Two-Step Verification

If you have already enabled two-step verification on your account, you can reset your password using this method. You need to have the recovery key (the key you have received at the time of setting up 2-step verification process). You need to do this verification process from a trusted device. You can easily recover or reset the password by making use of Apple Support document using 2-step verification process.

These are the three different methods that help the users to recover or reset the forgotten iCloud password with much ease.