How to Stop Thinking About Someone?


Only if you are a fighter and not a person who complains in pain you can stop thinking about someone. I hope you are not one of those who constantly complain about certain situations but does nothing to change them. I do not like these people, and I consider them a big nuisance to others. According to the Social Issues Research Center. It stands to reason, then, that if you want to know whether or not a Girl is interested in you, Here we updated some ways that women consciously and unconsciously let you know that they are in love with you.

Remove her or his phone number from the contact list. Remove it from anywhere you have: message recipient, missed calls, made, etc. and so on and so on. Remove to resist the temptation to write or to call. Remove him / her from the list of friends or, if you do not want to know that, give him IGNORE, simply, in order to not see what she or he likes.

Give back all the things you received from him / her. Do you have things in the house / car that remind you of him / her? Give them back as soon as possible. You can donate them to a Caritas or someone who needs it.

Make a list of all the Defects:

Make a list of all the defects you think he or she has. A list of all the things that made you get rid of him / her. Write on a piece of paper with your hand to know EXACTLY what you are talking about. Do not just think about these things, you MUST write them and read them whenever you feel that you long for him or her. When you remember a situation where you felt good with him / her, think about a situation where he or she made you cry. – Does not exist?! Take some thought.

Be honest with YOU in the FIRST place. There is no point in lying to you. It’s over.  In the evening most often there is sorrow and melancholy … Take the paper with the defects and the things you did not like and read aloud, if you are alone in the room; if not, it’s good in thought. Give yourself a few minutes to remember exactly the pain that has caused one’s behavior or another. If you’re going to cry – do it, it’ll do you good.

Do not talk to friends about him / her. Ask them to avoid giving their name. That’s where it can be. Do not listen to the songs that remind you of him / her, Do not look at the movies you’ve seen with him / her.  Do not go into the places where you have been with him or her! Keep your mind busy with whatever you like to do. Anything, just do not think about him / her. – Okay, that does not mean drinking / drugs / playing poker. Go out with your friends, do stay in the house. Do not pull the curtains down and do not cry of mercy …

How did you find him / her?

It’s the law of nature. – I know now that these words can only piss you off, but if you’re tired of suffering for those who DO NOT WANT then you will take action. Standing to think about him / her, what he does, who he is, who he / she holds in his / her arms … is just a courageous form of knowingly suffering. Time heals even the deepest wounds. He does not believe what those who DO NOT WILL fight, they do not heal and they do not. Give time to TIME and may not heal them fully, but they will not hurt so much. – Only if you really want it. For many, it’s easier to cry than to fight. If you like to let your life pass by you … then you’re lying down and crying … That’s okay, right ?!  When you sit on your bed and want to be near you, imagine that you are on a beach full of girls (or boys, as the case may be) who “give” to you. Think hard about this, visualize the scene, and see to fall asleep with these chicks in thought! – Is that not beautiful ?!

In the morning, strive to organize your day well, not wake up in tears like a capricious woman. Do not smile in the morning, it’s not time. – You can afford it tonight (NOT NIGHT, You have to sleep, charge your batteries) or on weekends when you do not go to school or work.