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Dave Portnoy and Bar Stool Pizza Review Comes to Calabria For 1000th Review

Dave Portnoy, Founder and President of Bar Stool Sports and One Bite with his alias Davey Pageviews, came to Calabria Restaurant & Pizzeria in Livingston, NJ to taste the Crunchy Thin pizza for their 1000TH REVIEW.

Dave rated the pizza an astounding 8.9!



  • Brian Drapeau says:

    We moved from Livingston 7 years ago and truly miss the pizza at Calabria. We had many parties there and pizza at least three times a month from Calabria. I always bring one home when I visit my dentist next door.

  • Alexander Diaz says:

    8.9 Baby!!!! Wishing you all the best in Two Thousandthsss and Twenty One!!!!

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