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15 October 2022

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New Jersey Now Has an Official Pizza Trail, and You Should Go

From Food & Wine Magazine

Last year, Food & Wine Magazine named New Jersey the best pizza state in America.

October marks the greatest celebration of all. No, it’s not Halloween. It’s National Pizza Month. And we know exactly where you should celebrate.

Last year, Food & Wine’s David Landsel named New Jersey the best pizza state in America, and now you can make a whole trip out of it on the official New Jersey Pizza Trail. The trail has ten different pizza stops throughout the state, from super traditional joints to newer wave pizzerias.

“New Jersey is proud of its rich agricultural history, and tomatoes have always played a big role in Jersey Fresh produce from June through October’s harvest,” Jeff Vasser, the executive director of the New Jersey division of travel and tourism, shares with Food & Wine. “As the third largest producer of tomatoes in the entire country, this key pizza-making ingredient not only sets New Jersey’s classic ‘tomato pies’ apart from any ordinary pizza, but also sets our restaurants apart too: the trail is a quick and easy guide for any pizza enthusiast to find the best slice anywhere they may roam in New Jersey.”

Ready to dive in? Here are the 10 must-eat destinations along the newly formed Pizza Trail.

Benny Tudino’s
Grab a massive slice from this Hoboken eatery that’s been happily crafting pies for more than five decades. At Benny Tudino’s, diners can snag classic pizza options alongside specialty pies like a mouth-watering meat pizza topped with ham, bacon, pepperoni, sausage, and meatballs.

The Original Thin Crust Pizza Company
The Original Thin Crust Pizza Company in East Brunswick serves just what its name implies — the best thin-crust pizza for miles. Owner Matt Verney continues to use his family’s recipe, that’s been perfected over the last 60 years, across everything from plain cheese to unique pies like the “Jump the Fire,” the shop’s ode to Metallica that comes topped with banana peppers, jalapeños, and hot peppers (just have a glass of milk handy if you dare to order this pie).

De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies
Get a slice of the home country by ordering from De Lorenzo’s. The family, who immigrated from Southern Italy, established the first Tomato Pie restaurant in 1947 and has been slinging the same delicious recipes ever since. Snag a signature Italian tomato pie, which comes with just the right amount of char along the crust, and choose all the toppings you can dream of adding from its lengthy menu.

Looking for a more modern take on Pizza? Head to Talula’s, a trendy pizza parlor in Asbury Park. Each pizza comes served on a sourdough crust, including plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans like the Temple 4-Maggi, which comes with housemade vegan mozzarella, cashew ricotta, cashew parmesan, red onion, garlic, and basil.

Brooklyn Square Pizza
Pietro “Peter” Grippo, the founder of Brooklyn Square Pizza, delights patrons with recipes handed down from his mother. You can taste the love in each bite of his pies, including classic calzones and unique treats like the Johnny Pepe pie, which comes “heavy on the black pepper,” along with burrata mozzarella and pecorino.

Ferazzoli’s Italian Kitchen
Food just like your Italian grandmother used to make. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Ferazzoli’s. Get a Sicilian, a thick square crust pie with simple but elegant ingredients in its pizza sauce and cheese, or go big with the Speciale, which comes with sauce, mozzarella, chicken cutlet, basil, and honey. And don’t leave without grabbing a cannoli too.

Calabria Restaurant & Pizzeria
Calabria Restaurant & Pizzeria is another long-standing Jersey favorite with more than 40 years of service under its belt. Best known for its Calabria Crunchy Thin pizza, which comes with just enough sauce and cheese, it’s a destination tailor-made for pizza purists.

Manco & Manco Pizza
Manco & Manco, located in Ocean City, originally opened on the boardwalk in 1956. Though it’s changed locations a few times, it hasn’t changed its love for sharing a great piece of pizza. Come to the shop to watch the masters at work as they build your pie, including plain and Sicilian options, along with white and red sauce, and toppings galore.

Federici’s Family Restaurant
For more than 100 years, Federici’s Family Restaurant has been dedicated to sharing personal family recipes. Don’t miss their award-winning thin-crust pizza with both traditional and modern topping options, including its not-to-miss buffalo chicken option.

Last but certainly not least is Porta, a pizzeria with locations in Asbury Park, Montclair, and Jersey City. Porta offers a variety of options when it comes to pie selection, including everything from an Arugula Pizza with San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella, garlic, arugula, and truffle oil, to the Duck Duck Squash, with duck sausage, butternut squash, ricotta, Swiss chard, Pecorino Romano, and drizzled in extra virgin olive oil.

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